Saturday, 20 May 2017

TRAILER: Blue Water, White Death (1971)

A remarkable journey featuring Ron and Valerie Taylor of Australia working with American film makers in search of a giant shark to film.

Initially the team focused on South Africa and the whaling fleet where it was believed a 40 foot shark (the extinct megalodon) had been appearing for years, feeding upon the giant harpooned whales.

Stunning footage was obtained of oceanic bull sharks yet no giant Great white 'megalodon' appeared.

Ron Taylor suggested the team try South Australia where he had been successul filming the first underwater footage of a White pointer shark  in 1966 - along with Henri Bource who was underwater in a shark cage and further from the snapping shark that was dramatically  close to Ron's camera on the surface.

Still frames from Ron's 16mm footage were world media attention-grabbing, published everywhere and later becoming a poster for Blue Water White Death and even as promotional material for JAWS the movie.  No better images existed at the time and remained that way for years.


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